Lucky twist matrix – dynamite dragon the type of game that will give you lots of wins. Games that have titles from Asia are made by Novomatic. The lively game atmosphere with lively music gave many winning jackpots. A game that has 5 rounds accompanied by a beautiful and large dragon.

In every game gamers have to find many moves to win. Each step that has been set will give gamers many opportunities to win. To be able to win, gamers must prepare 30 ways to get the maximum payout. There will be a lot that gamers can find in the game Luky Twist Matrix – Dynamite dragon.

Looking for a sign symbol from the game info

Amifram – There are many types of wins that gamers can get when playing the lucky twist matrix dynamite dragon game. There will be many exciting bonus games, as well as various symbols that will give you a lot of unexpected values. The dragon in the lucky twist matrix game – dynamite dragon is a wild sign.

Wilds that appear with the same 3 marks in the middle of the reels will give free spins. In addition to free spins, gamers will get 4 endless jackpots. To start playing the game. Gamers will get some interesting symbols from the lucky twist matrix dynamite dragon. So to find out the shape of the symbol, you can go to the game info.

additional bonus games that lead to big wins//Dynamite dragon

4 unexpected jackpots

A lot of information that gamers can get when playing the game. It can be about info on symbols and values ​​that gamers can get when playing games. The lucky twist matrix game has almost the same way of playing as lucky twist money neko. So don’t be surprised if the gameplay is almost the same. Even though it’s almost the same, gamers don’t need to worry because this game has different game values.

Various types of ways and steps can gamers learn. Stage – by stage gamers can easily win with many unexpected opportunities. The 4 available jackpots are: mini, minor, major, and large. Some symbols can be found by gamers such as dragon marks, golden lions, gold deer, dragon coins and several signs from cards ranging from 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A.


The dragon coins in the game are scatters. Scatter which will give a lot of free spins. 3 ticked dragon coin tokens will get free spins. Not only free spins that gamers can get, but there are still additional game signs. Will get 3 forms of additional game coins and gamers can have a chance to win.

Each jackpot has a different value. When you get the jackpot, gamers will get a value of 500 to 5000 values ​​that can be obtained. The more value you get, the gamer still has the opportunity to win and play the game to your heart’s content. In addition to game info, gamers can also place the desired bet value.

Victory sign

You can choose the number of bets and if you are tired of pressing the game you can move automatically. The game continues to spin continuously until the number of credits that gamers install runs out. Keep spinning and get lots of value. No need to feel tired and no need to press buttons. Gamers only need to see the amount they get and wait for the big win.

There will be a game wheel in the dragon game. The game wheel that comes from the auxiliary wheel. Gamers will spin the wheel and get unexpected prizes. With a sign of 3 bonus givers who are ready to give gamers a win.