Lucky chance

Lucky chance
Lucky chance

Lucky chance novomatic

Lucky chance has a very bright game atmosphere full of sparkles. This work that has been published by novomatic will amaze you all. Its presence is able to make gamers bewitched. Although relatively new, Taoi has attracted many players from various circles. Can be played from among teenagers to adults.

It’s popular enough that even skilled players don’t want to miss out on trying to play it. Lucky chance has a sweet and fresh symbol shape that makes gamers forget about other games. Having a bright theme makes the light continue to shine as if luck is approaching gamers.

Available symbols

Amifram – The available symbols have different values ​​so gamers must be careful and know which symbols can give high value. The form of the lucky chance game is very minimalist, making the chance to win closer. There are 3 rolls and 3 lines ready to take gamers to the winning line with a high point value.

Symbols that will always accompany gamers in lucky chance games are number 7, watermelon, , plum, orange, lemon, cherry, bell, and the X symbol. In order to win, gamers must use some beautiful steps to win easily. 5 ways that can make gamers win by finding 3 similar symbols in one position.

each symbol in pairs//glitter

Chance to win

In the game, lucky chance presents symbols in the form of pairs except for the X symbol. The number 7 is a number that always gives a lot of luck to gamers. If you pay attention to the number 7 symbol, it has the highest value of all symbols, so gamers must be able to get as many numbers as 7 in order to get a lot of values.

Successfully presenting the same 3 7 numbers will get a payout value of 3,000 coins times the bet value. 3 identical lemons get a value of 0.40 coins times the value of the bet that the gamer will get. From this information, gamers can see that each symbol has a different value. The more the number of symbols formed, the closer the chances to win.

Enjoy additional games

The value of the coins that gamers get will vary. This can happen depending on the value of the bet that gamers place. If you set a small value, the value of the coin will also decrease. Meanwhile, gamers will get a high coin value if they manage to increase the value of the bet. The conclusion can be found quickly, not the higher the value of the bet, the greater the value of the coins that gamers get.

At the bottom of the screen, there are several descriptions of buttons that gamers can press if they are curious. There is one button that can add value to gamers quickly. Place the bet value for additional games available in the lucky chance game. If the gamer succeeds in winning in the additional game, the gamer’s bet that is placed in the additional game will be immediately multiplied because he succeeded in winning.

Play fast

But on the other hand, if the gamer loses, the value of the bet in the game’s additional game will be forfeited or lost. So gamers must be more careful so as not to lose the coins. Enjoy the game that has been prepared by novomatic in the lucky chance game. Prepare luck and win as much as possible.

Feel the game looks long spinning gamers can use the game’s automatic play. The game will move quickly so gamers can more easily get scores and win fast with automatic games.