Burning chance

Burning chance
Burning chance

Burning chance

Burning chance is a type of game that has lots of fruit and number symbols. This game that has been successfully developed has become a game that is liked and popular among gamers. Gamers will see many symbols that burn when they get the same symbol. Increase your confidence by multiplying wins and focusing on the game.

There are 5 reels ready for you to spin and get them easily. Game burning chance has no bonus games and free spins. Games that form values ​​and wins only based on symbols of the same type or form values ​​with other symbols. You will also get paid on game burning chance. 5 payments that you can get easily without any hassle.

Game symbols

Amifram – Symbols that have different values ​​will give gamers convenience. When gamers look at the game screen you will find the number 7, stars, and plums, grapes, cherries, oranges, lemons, and watermelons. You have to focus on the number 7 because that number will give you a lot of luck and victory.

The same symbol and forming a combination will get a payout value from left to right and only scatters that do not follow the pay direction. Scatter type symbols that are placed anywhere or appear in any position can give value and win. The symbol that becomes the scatter is the star.

high value in fruit//wins

Get ready to burn symbol

The star is a symbol type that is free to get a value regardless of its position. Similar stars will give double value. Each symbol that is formed or similar will make the symbol burn so that it gives a high value. Starting to play the game burning chance, you have to prepare a lot of funds. Because the game burning chance is played with real money.

Prepare the bet value when you want to play the burning chance game. In the game that has been formed and developed by novomatic, there are several game settings available. In these settings gamers will find such as language, info, autoplay and much more. Select the type of language you are fluent in.

Steps to start playing the game

After determining the language, the gamer can determine the value of the bet that the gamer wants. Press the plus and minus signs to set the gamer’s bet amount. The more bets the gamer gets, the greater the chance to win. Game burning chance always gives unlimited fun.

This game that is popular and loved by many gamers gives an unexpected symbol value. You will find many symbols in the game info. You can get various types of information on the classic game burning chance. There are a number of symbols and steps in winning the game that gamers can find in the info.

Can play automatically

Feeling the way the game is old and bored, of course, makes gamers lazy to play it. Game burning chance can also be played with autoplay. Thanks to auto play, gamers only need to wait and observe the game. No need to press start again, the screen will rotate by itself so gamers just receive the value they pay.

If you want to play burning chance more practical and not complicated, gamers can get it on the website. A game that cannot be downloaded can only be played through the website. This type of burning chance game can also be played via cellphone. Which will be more practical and less complicated. Gamers can enjoy it when gamers want. Very easy process and fast.